Freelance artist, designer and illustrator from Sydney, Australia.
This is a visual diary.All work by Sha'an d'Anthes.
For enquiries or to commission work, email me shaandanthes@gmail.com

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Hey you bangin’ little bunnies! @ppreciate is a project I had the pleasure of contributing to a couple of months ago. @pprectiate is the combined efforts of 27 young and talented typographers/designers, Whybin/TBWA Sydney, Google, and Young and Well CRC.

It’s a free and amazing interactive app with an amazing cause, so head over to www.appreciateamate.com (only available on your phone) and get on it! I’ve been playing around with it since it was launched this afternoon so have a go and let me know what you think! I know you’ll love it x

To read more about the project click here!

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    Love this. Check it out and send someone a cute text today for free :) spread positivity!