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Anonymous said: Could you recommend some tumblrs to follow? You're so loved in the u.k ><

I don’t think one little soul can represent the whole of the UK, but thank you for your individual loving - I always appreciate and love you back for it! Here it goes.. You ready?

Some sexcellent art-makers on tumblr include: jacktoohey, jacobvanloon, mrcallaby, mcbess, adarasanchez, andredefreitas, glimeh, ivantrejo, suitecharlie, candykay, paulettejo, monaux and of course rocketk.

Fantastic curated blogs you will probably enjoy: graphicporn, marrypotter, artchipel, ryandonato, and andrewharlow.

eatsleepdraw and fuckyeahmoleskines are submission blogs, and thinkspace is a gallery. Here are some collectives: shhhh and finn, and if you’re interested in things that my eyes drool over pleasure-moments is my inspiration blog.

If you have blogspot, I have lots of art advice, art exhibition and life related posts coming to this blog soon.

This is just a smidgen of the essay-length response I could write on fantastic artists and blogs that I know of on Tumblr (excluding the peppering of self promotion - sorry ‘bout that!). But alas, I am in the middle of designing wedding invites and listening to this on repeat, so I can’t spend too long on my reply. I hope this suffices and feeds your hunger for newness. 

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